Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 Android Touchscreen Smartphone Camera

Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 Smartphone Camera
Samsung Galaxy Camera is the Android operating system camera, known from smartphones and tablet PCs. The Galaxy Camera is the new class online camera, a mix of smartphone and compact camera. In short, snap photos and instantly upload to Facebook or Flickr, send by e-mail, save it to the cloud, surf the internet, download apps. The benefits go to those peddling the new hybrid camera: more online opportunities, greater time savings, more freedom and better zoom image quality compared to the smartphone.
4.8 inch Touchscreen LCD
The size of the Galaxy Camera is a huge 4.8-inch touchscreen display with 1,280 x720 pixel resolution (921,600 pixels). That leaves impression and really makes the shoot fun, especially since the touchscreen is designed to respond quickly and reliably to any touch and also zoom in on multi-touch gestures for the picture. At least, the case of the Galaxy Camera is larger and heavier than most compact cameras. The weight is 310 grams and the dimensions of 129 x71x19 mm beyond any pocket.

Galaxy Smartphone menu
Samsung Galaxy Camera puts a 21-fold zoom (23-483 mm) and a lower initial light intensity of f 2.8. This round clearly is decided by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy equipped by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for transmit data, as well as included of mobile networks, UMTS, LTE and GSM network and is thus prepared for all situations. Snapshots provides a wide-angle focal length, the shutter lag is only 0.39 seconds. Telephoto setting it takes only slightly longer: acceptable 0.52 seconds.