Sunday, September 1, 2013

Canon Powershot G1 X CMOS Sensor Mirrorless Compact System Camera

The Canon G1 X all the latest high-end compact cameras, our best list is in terms of image quality in your pocket. The measured resolution of 14.2-megapixel sensor at a maximum of 1474 line pairs per picture height at a very high level. Even higher ISO values has seem to cause no problems for the large sensor. Up to and including ISO 1600, photographers have to worry about image noise.
Externally, the PowerShot G1 X is very similar to its sister model PowerShot G12. Also, the operation has many parallels. Instead of the usual 1/1 0.7-inch compact camera sensor in the G1 X is, however, a new CMOS image sensor used. At 18.7 x 14 millimeters is in this sensor significantly more space available than traditional compact-chip even be a little larger than the Micro Four Thirds sensors mirrorless system cameras.

The PowerShot  G1 X due to the large sensor is part of system cameras. However, since the lens is permanently installed, the G1 X is by definition a compact camera. An optical viewfinder is indeed on board, but its proportions are just as small as with the G12. What is new is the video record button for movies in Full-HD quality.

So it seems Canon simply not be possible to shorten the shutter lag-the G1 X is not appropriate for snapshots. And the battery life falls rather thin from 100 to 400 frames.