Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sony Cyber-Shot HX200V GPS And 3D Mode Digital Camera

Sony Cyber-Shot HX200V Digital Camera
Sony has launched the Cyber-Shot HX200V, the impressive camera supported with 30x zoom and rich menu functions, such as the quirky smile detection, which selectively reacts to light, normal or strong smile, impress above all the wealth of technical features: a GPS module is also on board as a swiveling 3-inch display and a digital viewfinder with 201,600 pixels of resolution. Even more striking is the 3D mode, the camera internally from a recording is a three-dimensional photo calculated. Or the lens wheel, whose function can be determined by selector lever.
Sony Cyber-Shot HX200V LCD Display
Also of note, we found the speed of the Sony: The trip time still remains even at full zoom in under a second, in burst mode are ten frames per second there. A high number of images are also available for filmmakers: The HX200V produces maximum video in full HD resolution with 50 frames per second. The autofocus continuously sharpens the films and to pursue legal lenses safely. The stereo microphone levels can be in two stages. The battery lasts a good-yield 260-900 photos. When movies are 150 minutes possible, a clip is limited to a maximum of 29 minutes. The elevated compared to the previous release leads to a slightly better edge definition in the center, but not at the edges.
Sony Cyber-Shot HX200V Lens And Buttons
Despite noise reduction at ISO 400 image noise visible bar. The dynamic range falls with an average of 9.7 to 7.3. The detail and texture fidelity convinced at low light sensitivity decreases with increasing ISO number from though. On balance, the HX200V scars just "good" rating on the picture over.