Friday, August 30, 2013

New Pentax Q10 Mini-DSLM Compact System Camera

Pentax Q10 Compact System Camera
The little Pentax Q, which came on the market about one and a half years ago, at least experience one: cross intellectually. With it, Pentax has built the smallest system camera in the world - a curiosity that SLR feel sprayed the level of equipment, but it fits in any pocket. Also the successor model, the new Pentax Q10, reminiscent of a cute toy camera from the Surprise. The dimensions it has minimally increased and is now at 102 x 58 x 34 Millimeter (W x H x D) and weight 240 grams including the battery. As the plastic available in black, silver and red body still feels not to: The mini-DSLM is great in the hand and boasts a superb processing. Even the existence of lenses made of plastic and look like toys - and this applies not only for the small, with f1,9 extremely bright 8.5-mm fixed focal length (equivalent to 47 millimeters in small picture) that came with our test model.

3 Inch LCD Pentax Q10
Pentax Q10 equipped by pop-up flash, 3.0-inch display, full HD video, lots of manual controls, custom configurability of Pentax SLRs like the better-it is hardly. It remains a mystery why the Japanese in the Q10 as with the predecessor Pentax Q obstruct a small CMOS sensor size 1/2, 3 inch, as found in cheaper compact cameras. No wonder that the mini-sensor generates a meager picture quality. Only at ISO 100 the pictures appear sharper than that of the predecessor. Beyond ISO 400 it comes with resolution and detail downhill, noise appears on the screen starting at ISO 400.
Lens and Buttons Shutter Pentax Q10
There is also standstill in speed: 3.5 seconds ON time is too long, the autofocus works with 0.82 seconds somewhat faster than in predecessor, but he reached snapshot capability not in the Pentax Q10. The staying power of the battery has been able to slightly increase Pentax, are now between 220 and maximum 420 shots in it. All in all a nice toy with moderate image quality.