Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Canon PowerShot S110 12MP With Wi-fi GPS Compact Digital Camera

Canon Powershot S110 Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S110 as one of many compact cameras has a size, shape, stylish. With a small but compact with metal housing, which brings a comparatively large image sensor 1/1 0.7-inch format. The camera also reflected in terms of image quality when: You will not find another compact, the so-shoots beautiful photos to boot in RAW format.

The average resolution falls very well for 12 megapixels: 1273 line pairs per picture height at ISO 100 and there are still just over 1,000 pairs of lines at ISO 1,600. Also the ease of resolution in the peripheral areas has its limits, also shines as the Canon with low noise up to ISO 1600 at the same time good detail.
3-Inch LCD Display S110
Powershot S110 equipped by Wi-Fi and so can sends photos to wireless printer and smartphone. Send it by mail or download app support than on Facebook. The GPS function of the predecessor, the S100 has not been taken. Instead, Canon uses the GPS receiver of smartphones, the app can monitor the locations and performs data synchronization via WiFi.

Powershot S110 also applies to serious photographers, the integrated "M" mode is for manual setting. The 3.0-inch display is not adjustable, but can be used as a touch screen. Another plus is the snapshot capability. The autofocus grabs in daylight (0.32 seconds) as weak light (0.46 seconds) quickly enough. The battery lasts 130-430 shots.