Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nikon CoolPix P520 Vari-Angle LCD With GPS And Ultra High Power Zoom Compact Digital Camera

Nikon CoolPix P520 Compact System Camera
Nikon CoolPix P520 boasts 42x ultra high power zoom range of the built-in lens allows wide-angle 24 mm (equivalent of the small picture) for space-filling photos. The lens system supported with 18.1 MP CMOS sensor elaborately built with ED elements, so for exceptional image quality and the distortion for a super zoom lens is amazingly low.

The CoolPix P520 has an integrated GPS system that receives data and writes in the supplementary information of the image files. Also it has many landmarks and attractions, that names can display it.
Nikon CoolPix P520 Lens
In addition to the automatic functions, as well as classic exposure programmes with Aperture or shutter priority, manual options and one with a "U" of the user ("user") custom preset on the mode dial at the disposal. Trigger and the first zoom rocker are similar to a SLR camera front on the grip bulge. The second zoom switch is left on the lens, so that the focal length is easily adjustable with the left hand.
Nikon CoolPix P520 LCD Display
The CoolPix P520's electronic viewfinder system is relatively small, but when strong sunlight control the image better than the LC monitor. The camera supported by the viewfinder offers a knurled wheel left a diopter to compensate for refractive errors, and record videos in Full 1080p HD with stereo sound.
Nikon CoolPix P520 Vari-Angle LCD Display
Links located next to the parameter wheel, with the example sets the shutter speed in manual mode, is the additional catalyst for the video recording. The Vari-Angle LCD of the Nikon P520 is very large with a diagonal of eight centimeters. His swing mechanics makes very comfortable taking. The Control Panel on the back offers a second parameter wheel that allows you to set the size of the aperture in manual mode.