Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Nikon D7100 24.1MP DX CMOS Sensor NIKKOR Lens Digital SLR

Nikon D7100 Digital SLR
via Nikon
Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Camera is one of the top models of Nikon cameras which is supported with 24.1-megapixel DX format CMOS sensor (APS-C) offers high absorption rate, professional equipment and no need for a low-pass filter in front of the sensor. It is based on a solid metal chassis, a rugged outer shell of catchy and partly rubberized plastic parts and careful sealing of all openings and seams. Thus it is very good for nature and sports photography.
Nikon D7100 Lens Digital SLR
via Nikon
These recordings also helps their high speed, because it takes up to six images at full resolution. The other time measurements confirmed the very good overall impression: on-time and shutter lag are at the professional level. In video mode with 1080p full HD resolution, the camera offers all the important frame rates from 24 to 30 shots per second. Manual settings are also available in video recording so that professional film productions are implemented with the D7100. These are sure to be more common to see the face of high quality video in the near future.
Nikon D7100 LCD Screen Digital SLR
via Nikon
With 3,911 of 4,000 possible lines in the image height the D7100 reaches its nominal resolution almost completely, thus continuing its maximum possible number of pixels into visible detail. That is, for example, the hair in the portrait image on the left side and also in the red dress of the fabric structure is clearly visible.

Even the feared moire or aliasing effects remained in spite of missing low-pass filter. Not even in video mode, the camera had to force iridescent patterns on fine structures. The recording extreme details such as shutters and roof tiles on a housing front was easily mastered. Even the metal screen in the test image is displayed correctly, but its foremost part is outside the depth of field range.

Nikon D7100 LCD Body Shield Digital SLR
via Nikon
The dynamic range of the camera is also very good. Already by default it reaches a value of 11.5 f-stops, provide the professional SLRs. Only in 6400 the value falls below ten f-stops, so recordings of-contrast images even at higher light sensitivity levels are not a problem. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident. In addition, the camera uses its "D-Lighting" function can still brighten shadows and improve the outcome in the internal image processing. In conjunction with very good color representation so the D7100 delivers top photos.