Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Samsung EX2F Smart Dual IS Sytem 12.4MP With Wi-fi Digital Camera

 Samsung EX2 F Smart Digital Camera
Samsung EX2F is the now model builds on the the EX1's feature set in a number of ways, which is likely to please the target market. The lens has been extended from 24-72mm to 24-80mm, but the maximum aperture at the wide end has ben exended from f/1.8 to f/1.4, perhaps more significantly.
Samsung EX2 F Vari Angle LCD Display
The Sensor maintains the 1/1.7in dimensions as before, but it now features a 12.4MP resolution over 10MP. The camera is integrated with Wif-fi functionality, so can connects to social networking sites, likes Facebook, and sends images to email accounts, in addition to offering connectivity with smartphone.
Samsung EX2 F Lens and Buttons
Othe features include a Dual IS system, which utilizes both Optical and Digital stabilization systems, as well as PASM exposure control and both Raw and JPEG capture. Samsung EX2F also incorporates an ND filter, which can be used to reduce exposure times either for necessity or creativity. Full HD video recording has also been thrown in, with stereo sound recorded alongside.
Samsung EX2 F 12.4 MP Resolutions
Samsung EX2F is built by quality and styling model, which the magnesium alloy has been used to ensure the body is solid and quarded against knoks and scrapes, while all buttons press positively into the body and their functions are clearly labelled.

Samsung EX2 F 3 Inch LCD Display
Samsung EX2F is equipped with the advantages of the OLED technology for its display, whith 3in Sqivel AMOLED screen appears to show the scene with plenty of detail. a wide viewing angle and a pleasing naturality. The lens moves steadily though its focal range as it is adjusted, which is great for accurate framing but less so when needing to get from one end to ghe other in a hurry.