Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Olympus XZ2 4x Zoom Lens Eye-Fi Flash Compact Digital Camera

Olympus XZ2 is the successor to the high-end compacts XZ1 into the race. It provides a new image processor, a higher resolution and a practical hybrid adjustment. The handle for Olympus XZ2 that radiates with its robust metal housing system camera and recommended for feeling good in the hand . It is a compact camera, but the finest variety, because of their weight (348 grams inclusive battery and memory card) and their dimensions (113 x65x48 mm) but only fits in very large pockets.

Olympus XZ2 equipped by the bright 4x zoom lens with light intensity f1 and f2 8 wide angle, telephoto setting of 5. This increases the chances of good shots even in low light without a tripod and flash to get. Talking about Lens: Within it lies a hybrid ring that acts as a central control element for manual parameter. With his help can be, for example, in the twinkling of an eye aperture and shutter speed setting. If one of the small lever on the front to, can make even manually focus the lens. In practice, the smooth lens ring is a real pleasure because it quickly leads to the desired setting and otherwise conveys the feeling of holding an unusual camera in the hands. Additionally, there is a "Fn" button on the photographer to place his most frequently used functions.

Moreover, serious photographers will appreciate the ability to shoot in RAW format. Not least, the accessory for flash, viewfinder, microphone or camera system sprayed once more flair. The XZ2 is also compatible with Eye-Fi Flash and Air-SD memory cards for wireless image transfer via wireless. The 3 inch touchscreen can tilt increased power of 920,000 with sub-pixel resolution.

Olympus XZ2 boasts very good image detail and clean, represented almost all of the fine structure. Color fidelity can also be seen. Reduce the image noise is only from ISO 800 - the colorful pixel noise occurs see on the computer screen. Resolution at ISO min walk to the tidal average of 1,322 lines per picture height in the order, and also the loss of image sharpness to the edge of the falls around 200 LP / acceptable bra off. Good, but not outstanding performance. Video records the Olympus of course Full HD (1,920 x1.080 pixels) with stereo sound.