Friday, August 23, 2013

New Sony NEX-3N Interchangeable With Power Zoom Lens Compact System Camera

Sony NEX-3N Compact System Camera
The new Sony is the updated entry level model in the NEX system cameras. It has a 16 mega pixel high image sensor in the APS-C format. Your LCD monitor is foldable through his two adjustable arms, but not rotating. As he tilted upwards but to almost 180 degrees, a check from the front is possible for self portraits yet. An optical viewfinder is unfortunately not available, because the camera has been consistently trimmed on most compact dimensions.

The resolution of the display of 460,800 RGB image points represents rather lower standard with current system cameras. It obviously fell the red pencil to the victims, to achieve the low list price of the camera from $449 (with lens). For this reason, also many other comfort functions of competition such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS system and things like that are missing the NEX-3N.
Sony NEX-3N Interchangeable Lens
The new Sony is very compact: the small housing easily in the Pocket is stuck, where the "dent" factor depends only on the connected each lens. The supplied 16-up 50-mm solution is already quite large compared to the camera and ensures that one probably but for a small camera bag as a place of storage of the NEX-3N travel decides.
Sony NEX-3N Flash
The Panel, taking place consistently via the menu on the unfortunately not touch-sensitive monitor corresponds to the previous NEX siblings and takes some getting for upgraders from an SLR. As the camera lacks such a mode dial which simulates only as an animation on the screen. Using the adjustment wheel on the back, which serves also as a four way Control Panel, "turning" this mode dial on the monitor. It changes the full automatics enabled between classical recording programs like P, S, A and M, with automatic selection of scene programs or launches additional functions such as the panoramic picture.

The applicable as an alternative motor-driven Zoom adjustment is very convenient. The photographer can adjust the focal length but with the lens ring, but when used with power zoom lens constructions, she can be changed using the rocker switch on the shutter release. This is useful especially when videotaping as hereby soft zoom trips are possible. In contrast to many of their NEX siblings, working with an enclosed on camera Flash, the mini fold-out Flash of 3N is integrated into the housing and extends at the push of the button. As entry-level model it does not but unfortunately have a shoe for larger system flashes.
3 inch LCD Display NEX-3N
The NEX-3N picks up with full HD resolution and with 50 fields or 25 full movies. The latter is a constraint compared with other Sony cameras because they allow improved motion display with up to 50 frames. The recording is done in the AVCHD format standard, alternatively also MP4 files can be generated. Fortunately are manual exposure settings for the video recording available.
The camera impressed in the test above all with their very good colour reproduction. Similar to SLT sister A58, she showed slight weaknesses in measuring resolution and tends to be rather soft pictures. The dynamic range of the camera is very good for a compact system, the other test criteria such as continuous shooting speed and shutter delay are at a very good level. This is gratifying for a mirrorless system camera in this price range.
Port Function of SONY NEX-3N
The Sony has a good camera equipment, is lacking however many modern features such as Wi-Fi functionality or similar. In the test, there was light and shadow, however, the camera delivers more than adequate image details for great pictures and very good colors.